Research and Development

The Major Areas of Research

After 10 years of research and studies MTI medical had registered its own patented product
Iodine Complex. Iodine Complex is molecule of innovative technologies which allows to high
Potency with excellent safety profile of various indications.
Iodine Complex has undergone number of preclinical and clinical studies that shown its
Efficacy and safety in patients with Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Infertility and Iodine Deficiency
Disorders. Studies have been published in various National and International Journals.

References: The Miracle of Iodine Polymers (Idomarine) in The Treatment of Oligomenorrea and
Polycystic Ovarian Disease in Students for Sir Syed Medical College for Girls Karachi.

Download: Apasl 2012 Hepatology International

R&D Laboratory

MTI medical R&D Laboratory equipped with latest analytical apparatus small production scale
machinery to ensure practical and real mechanistic understanding of how formulation and
process factors impact product performance.
Our products designed in effective and efficient formula and manufacturing processes to
achieve and maintain quality maximal performance. Product development undergoes following phases:
Pre-formulation studies, Formulation Studies, Analysis, Stability and development of Sterile
freeze-dried injections.