Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Department of Company is
designed to work independently from any other
departments and authorities. The Department
ensures all necessary controls on starting
materials, intermediate products, and bulk
products and other in-process controls,
calibrations and validations are carried out.
Personnel of the Department continuously
attend training seminars carried out by
Government and Private Institutions as well as
itself conducting weekly training sessions to all.
The Department has authorized specialist
responsible for the execution and coordination
of product recall from the market.


MTI Medical Pharmacovigilance Program monitors,
categorizes, assesses and evaluates any possible
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s) that may
have been caused by its marketed products.
All Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s) should be
reported immediately/within 24 hours to support@mtipk.com

Customer Complaint
If you have purchased or received a MTI Medical product that is damaged,
defective or not in its defined specifications,
please immediately contact to drug safety officer +92-302-961-7307
or send detailes of issue to info@mtipk.com